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Adrienne Boese, Public Relations DirectorAdrienne Boese

Public Relations

Piccolo & Flute



When she was in first grade, a girl played her flute for Adrienne's Girl Scout troop. Adrienne knew right then and there that she wanted to play flute--she was absolutely smitten with the instrument and joined band as soon as she was able to. Adrienne has now been playing flute for just over 20 years and piccolo for over 18 years. She is also currently a member of the Pikes Peak Flute Choir.


Adrienne grew up here in Colorado Springs, attending Widefield High School. During high school she was a member of many musical groups including Bates' Ensemble, the Young Concert Artists and the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony (CSYSA). With CSYSA she traveld to much of Europe, including Austria where the orchestra played the Mozarteum; Washington D.C. where they had the opportunity to perfom on the Melinnium Stage in the Kennedy Center and also to New Zealand and Australia with a performance in the Sydney Opera House.


Adrienne obtained her degree in Journalism from Colorado State University and since graduating, has worked for three news stations as well as Emmy Award-Winning Producer-Director Ginger Kathrens. Most recently she was the editor for an award-winning feature-length documentary.


Currently Adrienne owns her own custom scrapbooking business she started in 2012, Alice Scraps Wonderland, and she also does social media contract work for business across the country. Adrienne is a creative soul that enjoys scrappbooking, reading and writing. Some of her other hobbies incude swimming, yoga, astronomy and spending time with family.



Feel free to contact Adrienne regarding any questions you may have about the ensemble via e-mail or on her cell phone at 719.201.7713. You can also view and download The Little London Winds Press Kit.



Who is your favorite composer and why?

Mozart because my grandmother is Austrian and also because Mozart wrote Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute)!


If you could choose one historical figure or fictional character to have dinner with, who would you choose to dine with and why?

Belva Lockwood. She was a suffreget and one of the first female attornies and the first woman to fight a case in front of the Supreme Court. It would be so interesting to talk with such a trailblazer!


If silence is golden, what is noise?

Brass, of course!


What TV show is your guilty pleasure?

It's a toss up between Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries